Lynn and Thayne Taylor - Watercolor Dreams
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“Lynn and Thayne, I just wanted to tell you I have listened to your CD many times since I came home from our stay at your cottage and I feel so uplifted when I listen to your voice and hear the music. I can feel the love in every song and your music touches me deeply. I love the words , your voice is sublime.The whole CD is magical and I often get goosebumps especially when I hear “Thank-you father for your most perfect son…” I feel blessed to have met you both and see where your music is created! “
    – Linda Sheppard, Victoria Canada, September 18 2010

“I just had a listen to your CD! WOW you have a beautiful voice and the sound you’ve created has a very high frequency. My energy centers were expanded when I listened to it. Congratulations.”
    – -Farhan- Canada, September 15 2010

“Excited to experience the wonders of your music! Thank you so much for sharing..
…clearly your muses have danced within you…. simply enchanting.”
    – Alison Neville, September 15 2010

“Thanks for touching my heart with your beautiful CD.! Only a few albums in my life have ever been played over and over ,to the extent that yours has. It’s a wonderful work of art.” – Collette Althouse – “
    – Colette Althouse, September 15 2010

““When you listen to “Watercolor Dreams”, you can tell right away that there is a unique connection between the artists Thayne and Lynn Taylor. These things don’t just manifest from one lifetime of experience. They manifest from many lifetimes of experience, until the one day comes when they combine and materialize. That day has finally come. We are all the beneficiaries. Truly enjoyable listening for us all. Mahalo , Thayne and Lynn !!!!!!!!” -Carmel Hawn – “
    – Carmel Hawn, September 15 2010

““I loved every song…very unusual for any CD to have each track be so easy on the ears and soul. You sound a bit like a cross between Enya and Celine Dion…very, very impressive!” – Dr. T.L. – Kauai

    – Dr. Tim Lee, September 15 2010

“Hi everyone! We thought that we would add this feature so that you could add your thoughts about our music, shows, whatever. Obviously we will be editing the comments coming in for the usual internet noise.”
    – Thayne, September 15 2010