Lynn and Thayne Taylor - Watercolor Dreams
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Album Artwork by Lynn Taylor

I have been drawing and making art out of whatever was around since I was a little girl. I studied graphic design for a couple of years in the dark ages when we actually drew lines with technical pens and had to learn to do our own hand lettering! I now dabble in oil paints, ceramics, stained glass, and recycled art.

These totally hand-made collages were inspired by each song on “Watercolor Dreams”. What I love about collage is the part that serendipity plays in their creation. The random elements that come together to form the image – one image will inspire another piece of the puzzle. A “mistaken” splat of paint or tear in a piece of paper becomes an integral part of the art, no longer “a mistake”.

Some of the images you will see are literal interpretations of the lyrics – others are more ethereal - some are there just because I liked the way they looked and seemed a visual fit with how I feel about the songs.

Aloha - Lynn